Alcohol and Addiction Treatment in South Florida

We are an addiction treatment center made up of committed individuals who are personally and professionally invested in your well-being and that of your family. Our philosophy is to treat each of our patients with compassion and love as they become a part of our extended family. We welcome you as valued members of our Grace’s Way community and will care personally about you, your recovery and your future. We wish to bring our years of professional and personal experience to help those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our promise is to help you and your family find hope, enter the road to recovery and embrace life with a new-found inner strength, courage, and purpose.

Addiction: The Anti-Hope
Addiction creates a vortex of self-absorption – the quest to feed the addiction becomes the focus of the addict’s life, and they typically suffer from a profound sense of shame and self-loathing. In a state of addiction, it is almost impossible for an addict to see anything outside him or herself and the need to get high.

In addition, addiction breaks down personal relationships including friendships, family ties, and community bonds, as addicts alienate themselves from the people and relationships that are most crucial to their emotional health. This alienation leaves them doubting whether recovery is possible. Rebuilding these bonds can provide a person in recovery with the crucial support Read More