The Grace’s Way Story

As I sat down to write the story of Grace’s Way Recovery and its inception I began reflecting on our lives and came to realize a few very important things. The first is that Our Family story is not any different than that of millions of American families who have been devastated and torn apart by the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Like many families, we went through IMG_3539our struggles in silence because we were afraid of the shame and embarrassment that would come from others finding out that our family wasn’t perfect – in fact, we were far from it.
I am sharing our story in the hope that it will give you courage and comfort – even in the darkest of time.

What prompted me to walk away from an extremely successful 20+ year real estate and development business to begin our passion project? My son Dave – the love I had for him, and the heartache I felt watching him dying from his addiction. I knew I had to do something and I was desperate.

“Our Family” is the Classic American Dysfunctional Family Story and the truth is that there are more stories that are like ours than people admit. Constant turmoil, paralyzing fear, gut-wrenching anxiety, sleepless nights…just some of the things we went through and as we speak to families each day we come to realize we are no different and that addiction is a terrifyingly isolating experience.

I am a mom of an addict, an aunt of an addict, a sister of an addict and the daughter of an addict. Drug and alcohol addiction runs deep in our family and it has taken support, compassion, love, and help from others to begin to heal us. Along the way, I have found that Tough Love Conquers All and the courage and strength it took came from the gift of ‘Grace’ which is why our labor of love is called Grace’s Way Recovery.

IMG_2107 copyToday my son Dave is in recovery and is my business partner at Grace’s Way Recovery. I made him a promise that we would give back by helping other struggling addicts and alcoholics, and as a mom, I feel it is my responsibility to help other families like myself.

The journey for us to get to the point where I was strong enough to give the ‘Tough Love’ it took for David to get to where he is today is a story for another time but what is most important is that we could have never done any of this alone, we had the help of trained professionals guiding us each and every step of the way. Every decision was a life and death decision and by the Grace of God, we have come this far. I hope all of you who are in need of a gift of Grace will find it today, we here at Grace’s Way Recovery are here to help you find the peace that Grace can bring, so please feel free to call us today.

Wishing you Peace,